The demand on Ukrainian poultry meat

28082018After 1st half of the current year the export of poultry meat grew almost on 25%, compared with the analogical period of the previous year.

The price grew from 196 000 000 $ to 241 000 000 $ (almost on 25%), and the volume of the exported commodity grew on 5 000 000 kg. Also for this period the export of products of meat group was increased more than on 10% to compare with 2017 year.

The specialists consider, that positive results in the export of this type of products were succeeded due to mastering new markets after a loss of Russian market. According to the statistical data, for January-June 2018, Holland became a purchasing leader of Ukrainian poultry meat - more than 20%.

Such countries as: Slovakia, Iraq, Belarus, Germany, Azerbaijan and Japan buy Ukrainian poultry meat in a volume up to 10%. According to the data of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, last year our country put to the foreign market 271 320 000 kg of poultry meat by a cost 389 640 000 $.

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