Profitability of GMO

22082018The workers of one of the English analytical companies «PG Economics Ltd» have written a report, that confirms the advantages of genetically modified products for agriculture.

It was calculated, that the profit of using GM-cultures was almost 20 billion dollars for the farmers in 2016.

In a new report it was mentioned, that for the last 20 years these technologies assisted with growing of enormous harvests, and less resources were involved for that process. The specialists claim that the active use of such technologies will allow to use earth more rationally, and to support the production at a high level. Without GM - technologies it would be necessary to involve for growing practically 11 000 000 hectares for soy, about 10 000 000 hectares for a corn, almost 3 000 000 hectares for a cotton.

In the countries of the European Union a question about GMO during long time was in the centre of stormy discussions. In 2015 the European Union gave to its members a possibility to refuse using GMO or do it partial. Some countries (Wales and Scotland) took an advantage of such possibility.

On the other hand, the National Union of farmers supports the development of genetically modified technologies. Their association considers that the positive economic consequences are visible from the report for farms.

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