African cholera of hogs makes progress

14082018The State service of Ukraine for food safety and consumer protection found out almost 80 cases of the African cholera of hogs for the first half of the present year. To compare with the analogical period of the last year were found 77 cases of display of illness.

Only for July were set more than 10 cases of disease throughout all Ukraine. At the end of the last month in Odesa region were set 2 cases of infection of wild animals. In Zaporizhzhia region were found 3 dead home pigs (an owner wasn’t found out). Except it, the illness was found out in the personal economies of the Donetsk and Kherson region. As reported before: from the general amount of the infected animals – more than half is fixed in the personal economies, almost 30 cases – among wild pigs, about 10 are the infected individuals.

With the purpose of improvement of situation in a country, there was a meeting of state emergency antiepizootic commissions that created an algorithm of liquidation of illness, and also the zone of defence and control was set. In the hearths of disease the government takes measures to stop the illness.

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