And again apples …

08082018For the last 12 months the export of apples increased more than in 3 times.

For the last year our country exported to the world markets the record volumes of these fruit. According to State Statistics Service of Ukraine in this season the amount of the fruit shipped to the foreign markets was 41th thousand tons, that is more than for a previous year more than in 3 times. It should be noticed, that in the past season were exported 13 thousand tons of apples.

On the markets of Belarus almost a half of exported apples appeared about 20 thousand tons. Belarussian maybe really liked apples from Ukraine, because increase the purchases have increased in 2 times. It is possible to see Ukrainian apples on the markets of Moldova. Almost 8 thousand tons are imported by the Moldavian companies in this season, and it is a fifth part from all exported apples from Ukraine.

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