Ukrainian modern agribusiness

01082018In Ternopil Region two people made an exclusive greenhouse in a rental apartment.

Not only ordinary vegetables and greenery grow here, but also their mini-version which is used in many restaurants nowadays.

A spacious area for young people is only in their dreams, right now there is only possibility to organize a greenhouse in the rental apartment. One of the creators of this project Oleg worked before as a policeman. But now he works with pleasure on a wasteless production. For an example, he prepares a useful drink from the sprouted wheat, which is popular with sportsmen, because it contains the huge amount of microelements.

Not far from Ternopil there is a bigger hothouse. There also mini-greenery grows. Initially it is sown in the special pallets, and in 2 weeks this product can be used. And also the lettuce grows here in a quite nonstandard way. A plant simply floats in the water and due to this a ripening period decreases on 2 weeks. It’s very useful, because such product is grown without adding of fertilizer to soil.

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