The solution of food problems of the planet

24072018According to statistical data, 25% of wastes of CO2 in the world carry out by food.

Besides, more than half of the obtained drinking water is used for the food industry, and the less than half of the earth is involved for agriculture.

The way of products from the moment of production till the customer will buy them is inefficient: 30% of products deteriorate during transportation, storage in shops and even in our fridges. The humanity should be interested to change this situation extremely fast. It’s rather difficult enough to do this. According to the prognoses of specialists, in the nearest 25 years the food enterprises must produce twice as much products, to feed the forecasted population of our planet - 9 billion of people.

How can we reach this? A company Siemens has offered one of the ways of solution. They suggested to decrease in 2 times the amount of food wastes during a production and transporting.

It is possible to use food wastes as utility waste. For example, at the production of oatmeal bits and pieces appear with high maintenance of cellulose and proteins, that can be used for making muesli or pet foods. The second direction is to set in the supermarkets the special sensory devices that determine the possibility of their using. It’s possible to warn the utilization of the expired products, but that are still fully edible.

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