The biological agriculture

17072018Is it possible to increase the productivity of the most popular food cultures in the world?

Of course, it’s possible, thus nature prepares a non-standard decisions allowing to promote efficiency of work of the farmers. The Swiss fund "Biovision" develops the sphere of "biological agriculture", inculcating technologies, allowing to conduct agriculture business without hurting the nature.

Now the fund of "Biovision" conducts its’ work in 5 African countries, distributing information about possibility of improvement of conduct of agriculture. A fund began to work in 1998 and was created by the Swiss scientist in this industry Hans Herren. In the end of the last century he was able to accomplish the real breach, getting rid of dangerous scale insects in Africa, such as Peltidae. They ate vegetable juices, in particular, juices of plants of maize.

To eradicate them, a scientist warned the offensive of hunger in many African countries. H. Herren did not use chemistry to do this, and solved a problem in a natural method, using for help ... wasps! It is known that they put aside the eggs in the larvae of other insects. In this case these were scale insects, that became the victims of wasps.

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