A farm in Uber-style

09072018On the amount of agricultural products that our country exports - we are in the world leaders.

But on a harvesting we fall behind from the developed countries at least on 10 years, and the half of agricultural equipment became antiquated. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the processes of conducting agribusiness. One of ideas, that will help to improve the harvesting is a farm in Uber-style. This is an embodiment of game the "Happy farm" in reality, where everyone will be able to get the real harvest from a vegetable garden without efforts and additional expenses of time.

The author of this project V. Nesterenko explained, that in our country there is an increasing demand on eco-products both for ordinary citizens and for businessmen. Such farm will allow to get products through the special source without marks-up and mediators. Together with a specialist in the field of dietetics it will be possible to count up a requirement of products on a certain period. Since an order will be confirmed, the system will offer farmers, who will be possible to grow products. Except it, it will be possible to watch the process of growing vegetables and fruit for all family.

After ripening of vegetables and fruit the family, that processed an order will be able to get products in a that volume that is needed. According to the organizers of the project, such system has already started in the test mode for restaurants and during a year can become accessible in the largest cities of the country.

Informative source – segodnya.ua