New robots from Panasonic

Reduction of workers in an agrarian sector is one of the most important problems for Japan.

For the last 10 years the amount of workers in this industry grew short per 1431 thousand of people. Except it, the majority of workers are more than 65 years old.

Modern technologies were used in agriculture sector a little time ago. For automation of work the active use of robots was envisaged. Their main advantage is a possibility to work at night. And people who come to work in the morning, only should pack the tomatoes that robots collected.

What is the algorithm of work of this robot? He moves on a lath that is set between rows. There is a camera on the robot through that he recognizes images and can define which tomatoes are ripe. Except it, the camera helps to estimate the way on that a robot must notice the ripe tomato and pluck it.

A robot plucks one tomato with periodicity each 6 sec. Workers do it in 2-3 sec., but they are working on the plantation only for 3-4 hours. The robot can also work for 10 hours at night, so his efficiency will be higher.

The developer of such robot is a company Panasonic, a basic problem for that was to teach him to understand a ripe tomato or no. For the decision of this problem engineers were concentrated on determination by the robot of tint of tomato. A robot can write down the image of tomato and compare it with standard photo of ripe vegetable.

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