World demand for milk

25062018Dairynews informs, that the specialists predicted the increasing of highly sought and producing of milk on 1/3 in the nearest 10 years.

Nowadays the use of this product on the planet is about 876 billion of kg in a year.

According to the managing director of the International Farm Comparison Network, Т. Hemme, it is necessary to promote the production of milk. The highly sought is formed from the increase of humanity and increase of per capita consumption.

Analysts reported that for the last year producing of milk in the world rose on 4%, as compared to a before last year. Nevertheless, in a present year, a less height is predicted. The reasons of falling of height are natural cataclysms in New Zeland, countries of Europe, and also economic difficulties for farming of the USA.

To the end of current year the International Farm Comparison Network forecasts, that the height of demand and supply will become more certain, with approximate world prices in 35-37 dollars for a 100 kilogram of milk. Also there is the considerable seasonal falling on the purchase cost of milk.

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