Import of pork lard in 2018

12052018As State Fiscal Service of Ukraine informs, from January to May of the present year there were imported more than 20 000 000 kg of pork lard to Ukraine, of a total value of 14 000 000$, that on 2/3 exceeds indexes of 2017 year (8 800 000$).

Mostly the fat is brought in from Poland and Germany. The Polish suppliers exported 5 900 000 kg of fat to Ukraine, and the German – 5 200 000 kg.

Concerning an export, producers from Ukraine were able to export for January-May only 1000 kg of products.

Also, a deputy S.Тrigubenko reported that the pork lard from Netherlands ousted our from Ukraine. He explained, that amount of lard, as now, our country did not bring in during the last four years. Such height of indexes of import of this commodity is caused by its rising in price at the internal market, that, in turn, is related to distribution of the African cholera of hogs in a country.

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