Modern production of products

According to the prognoses of scientists to 2050 the population of the planet will attain more than nine billion persons.

Now people use more than two hundred fifty million tons of meat for a year, and this number will grow twice narrower in 25 years. Now there are practically 70% of agricultural areas of the planet are in use by the agrarians for growing of food for animals, therefore it is expedient to change consumer approach.

There is also an another variant of the decision of this problem. Erin Kim, the representative of company New Harvest told how to create a meal in a laboratory. On her opinion, products, which are created by such method less negatively affect environment. This product will be more ecologically clean and harmless, created under control specialists in sterile terms. Another advantage of cellular agricultural production is "programming".

Now people are not sure about quality of that products of animal origin, that they eat. The way, how these products are produced now, carries a serious threat for nature, particularly to the health and lives of people and animals.

Whether consumers will be ready to buy a new harmless product more expensive, it is a supposition that must be checked. At the same time, other opinions exist, that the prime price of such commodity will be less than ordinary meat.

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