Prosperity of farming

22052018For 2016-2017 the number of farms in Ukraine has grown.

The Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association informed, that more than 30 000 farms had already worked in November of previous year.

In accordance to information from the State Statistics Service of Ukraine there were less than 500 units farms at the same period in 2016. As I. Palamar, the Head of the Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association informed, more citizens began to follow the plough, and the official data only confirms this.

The Head also reported that for 2017 the number of farms had increased up to 1,3%. 455 new farms were opened in Ukraine, and it means that farmers produce much more high-quality products.

It was mentioned, that by the end of the current year it will be possible to see the effectiveness and availability of the program of support of agrarians from the state, that cost to the budget 1 000 0000 UAH.

Unfortunately, an absolutely opposite tendency is observed concerning stock-raising farms. For 2016-2017 their amount grew short almost per thousand units.

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