Quotas for Ukraine, that made off

From January to March of a present year our exporters, took advantage of in full quotas that are not assessed by a duty on 8 categories of products.

This information was given by the National scientific center.

Quotas were expended on grain-crops, honey, juices from grapes and apples, malt, a quota on a quarter on meat of bird was also used up and on the half of year on butter.

On other products the common use of quotas remains minimum while.

In a present year the quotas on some foodstuffs must grow. For example, it will touch juices, brands, groats, grain-crops, some types of meat and other produces.

For Ukraine quotas on the export of flour also will come to an end during 2 weeks. I. Kobelya, a director of "Ukrainian flourmilling company" mentioned about it during the XV International conference "Grain of black sea Region".

Informational source - ukragroconsult.com