Export of beef from Ukraine to Turkey

Ukraine and Turkey decide meaningful tasks that touch the concordance of veterinary certificate on the export of beef from Ukraine progressively.

State service of Ukraine for food safety and consumer protection informed about it due to results of meeting in Kyiv with delegates from Turkey.A profile department reported that the representatives of both parties had talked about questions that touch procedure of export of beef from Ukraine to the market of Turkey. It is known that these questions will be decided fully in the nearest week.

Delegates from Ukraine and Turkey expressed gratitude to each other for productive work, effective decision of pressing questions and structural dialogue and made a decision in the future to improve further collaboration.

A technical mission from Turkey worked through the question of evaluation of order of control after the production of beef at the end of the last month in Ukraine. For Ukraine it can mean the prospect of export of beef to Turkey. The Turkish inspectors checked the great number of companies that are interested in the export of their products to Turkey.

Informational source - ukragroconsult.com