Swift increase of export of barley to China during 2017/18 marketing year

Export of barley from Ukraine in March in a difference from February of present season increased in times.

The volumes of export made more than 110 thousand tons, and in February it was exported only 66,7 thousand tons.

From July to March 2017-2018 marketing year Ukrainian businessmen took out more than four million tons of barley to the foreign market, that on 15% less than it was exported from June to March 2016-2017 marketing year.

Asia and European Union are the largest markets of the sale of barley from Ukraine now. Deliveries to Turkey continue to raise. For indicated period Ukraine exported to the market of this country more barley on 25%, than for all past season.

Coming from the substantial height of export of barley from Ukraine to China (in 2,5 times more than per 2016/17 marketing year), lessening of supplies is marked to the markets of sale of Libya, Iran, Israel, Tunis and other countries. In addition, in a current season Ukraine did not supply barley to UAE, Oman, Egypt, Bangladesh and another countries.

Informational source - ukragroconsult.com