Changes of cost of bread in 2018

There is interdependence of prices on grain in the world and in our country.

But not only changes abroad affect on the cost of bread in Ukraine, and there are yet internal reasons, for example price on a fuel, facilities on the remuneration of labour etc.

Consequently, in the change of cost of bakegoodss, as a general director of "Ukragroconsult" S. Feofilov designated, there will be differences from world price-waves. However, this delay of reaction is not very ponderable, and therefore, if world prices on grain will rise and farther, then it in any case will be represented on the cost of long loaf and other bakegoodss.

Whether this tendency of height will be so strong on a price, depends on the stake of cost of flour in bread. Just this constituent will be decision in speed reaction of producers on rising in price of wheat and flour. In addition, current price advance on grain in the world, on the prognoses of specialist, will be not so long-term - approximately for a year. And then again the correction of prices will happen toward lowering.

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