The import of pork for the first quarter of current year exceeded an export

After 1-st quarter of current year the import of fresh, chilled and frozen pork goes out three times higher than export.

During this period 1 800 000 kg of pork were imported by a cost 3 700 000 USD, here an export made almost 600 000 kg a cost 1 400 000 USD.

According to analysts, in 2017 a situation differed. After 1-st quarter was exported 1 880 000 kg of pork, while an import made only one third from this volume are 660 000 kg. This Year situation absolutely reverse. On this basis, instead of positive foreign trade balance, as in 2017, the negative goes out.

According to specialists, worsening of export was provoked by reduction of amount of suggestion of pork in a country. Also, The Ukrainian Stock Breeders Association reported that Ministry of agrarian politics and food of Ukraine did not hurry to accept necessary documents that will assist a fight against the African cholera of hogs.

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