New records, but already on eggs

For the past 9 months our country filled foreign markets more than by 62 000 tons of eggs, that in a money equivalent exceeded a sum in 43 000000 dollars.  

The export amount of eggs for this period turned out anymore middle general annual for previous four years, but a year is not over. This information appeared on the electronic resource of Latifundist.

The import of eggs from Ukraine for January-September, 2017 was concentrated mainly in OAE (more than 21 000000 dollars), Iraq (hardly less than 7 000000 dollars) and Qatar (more than 3 500000 dollars). On the markets of these countries 30570 tons appeared,9850 tone and 5340 tone of eggs from our country.

For eight months of current year the Ukrainian birds of different kinds were able to produce almost 11 billion of eggs, that exceeds the indexes of previous year. On prognoses, a country have all chances to get 16 billion of eggs at year's end.

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