New product validation rules

The rules for checking the quality of products come into force on april 4th in Ukraine in accordance with the Law «On State Control Carried Out to Verify Compliance with Legislation on Food Products and Feed, Animal Health and Welfare».

Companies will be checked for the factors that pose a threat to the health and lives of customers, especially those that sell fresh produce. In the case of identifying the degree of risk, the inspector of the State Service of Ukraine for food safety and consumer protection has the right to suspend production at the company.

In addition, the Law «On State Control Carried Out to Verify Compliance with Legislation on Food Products and Feed, Animal Health and Welfare» provides fines of up to 70 thousand hryvnias - depending on the offense.

According to Deputy’s Sergei Trigubenko speech, the slightest penalties for selling substandard products don’t limit companies in their activity. Last year, violators of consumer rights were fined only for 102 thousand hryvnias. Also, the government spent almost 770 million hryvnias to contain the State Service of Ukraine for food safety and consumer protection.

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