Increase in pork imports in the first months of spring

Analysts of Association of Ukraine Pig-Breeds (AUPB) note that in January-February 2018 year import volumes of fresh, chilled and frozen meat of pigs in Ukraine exceeds more than twice of the same figures for the same period in 2017.

To date, one thousand tons of this type of meat has been imported.

The total cost of the imported warehouse is  $ 1.6 million. This year among three leaders is supplier from Canada, herewith Denmark and Poland have lost their positions.

In the notification Analysts said as well, that despite on the significant increase values of pig meat import, the export of the same type of meat has deсreased threefold.

Experts assert this is due to the relaxation of interest of buyers from Georgia . Now delivery volumes of pig meat to this country are only a fifth of the total volume of purchased products.

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