Record prices for natural vitamins

Record prices for domestic fruit

Experts predict further rise in price of apples, in winter the situation will only get worse.

In Ukrainian market the price on apples have risen to incredible heights, although this product grown in our country. Now, in Kyiv, the price on apples is almost $ 1 / kg.
Consumers are upset with the prices, because now we can buy not more than 4 apples for 7-10 UAH. Alarming possible prices in the winter, given the present value of fruit.

Wholesalers are sure that the reason of the increase in prices was a poor harvest. This was contributed by frosts in the spring, which destroyed half of the fruit expected harvest. Traders assure that in 2017, there will be no cheap fruit. Of course, there are apples on the shelves at 14-15 UAH / kg, but they also have not the high quality.

Expert assessments do not inspire optimism. After apples harvest of winter varieties, prices can raise one more time.

Import substitution of Ukrainian apples by Polish, as it usually made by suppliers during a crop failure, won`t help this time. In Poland, the varieties and quality of apples is much worse than in Ukraine. Therefore, we should expect an increase in prices for apples in the middle of autumn.

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