Pork for export

For the first half of 2017, domestic companies, cooperating with foreign markets received profits almost $ 8.5 million.

This income was obtained from the export of pork in a chilled, frozen and fresh form.

Georgia is one of the main trade and industrial partners of Ukraine, on the supply of live weight from our country, domestic producers earned about $ 3,000,000. These indicators would be higher, but the spread of ASF did not give this opportunity.

In 2016, Moldovan, Belarusian, Armenian and Romanian importers refused from pork meat from Ukraine. The most sensitive was the refusal of Moldova. Since from 2014 Ukraine maintained active trade relations, for 12 months it has made profits for 5.5 million dollars. Less tangible for our country was the cessation of supplies to Belarus. The same situation waited us with Romania. But it was expected. This market for Ukrainian pork became closed before the spread of ASF. Romania is part of the European Union, so the supply of our "domestic" product is a very distant prospect.In Armenia, Ukrainian exporters supplied a small quantity of pork, and in 2016 the profit was a little less than a million dollars.

African swine fever had affected on the import of Ukrainian pork meat, and did not allow to increase profits from exports for a period January-July of this year.

Informational source - liga.net