Interest of Caucasus to the "domestic" product!

saloAs soon as our eastern neighbor and the largest country in the world lost interest in Ukrainian fat, the decrease in the import of our national product to Russia was noticeable, in percentage terms it was almost 100%.

Last year, domestic producers sold abroad only 51 tons of fat. Another insignificant loss was the unwillingness of the Moldavian Republic to buy our traditional product.

At the moment, Georgia is an important perspective market for Ukraine. The indicators of fat export from Ukraine were doubled this year, in comparison with the previous.

The Muslim states did not stay aside, the active increase in the consumption of «our» national product is noted in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Not wishing to lag from its neighbors, Armenia began to increase the supply of fat. Export to the Caucasus in money equivalents is amounted to – 53800 dollars.

Domestic product is also actively purchased German, Estonian, Canadian, Australian, Panamanian, Singaporean importers, also our fat is well known in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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