Increase of poultry production

kurizaThe production of fresh and chilled chicken for six months has increased almost on 50%. This is how the press service of the State Statistics Service informs.

Summing up the results in mid-summer 2017, in our country were grown 530.000 tons of chicken. 432,000 tons are presented in a chilled and fresh form, the rest is frozen offal.

In general, since January till June the volume of poultry breeding for meat increased by a quarter, certainly not in favor of the previous year. With a detailed analysis, it becomes clear, that fresh and chilled meat was produced almost on 2 times more. Perhaps, the changes in the fresh meat production worsened the figures of meat products in the frozen version almost in a quarter.

Monitoring of the chicken meat production shows that domestic producers produced 45,000 tons of fresh and 15,000 tons of frozen meat.

With a detailed comparison for June 2016, this year brought producers an increasing of fresh and chilled chicken meat by 1.1 percent; the downward trend is noticeable for frozen meat by 23%.

It should be noted that these data concern only the territories, controlled by Ukraine.

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