"Falling" of cabbage

banner imageLarge and small farms reduce the price of cabbage from the`` Cruciferae family``, because of the growing of competition in the market. And the lack of demand, accordingly, does not please sellers.

Domestic producers are indignant, because of the need to decrease the price on cabbage. The price decrease was due to the low interest of consumers, besides, the white cabbage market appears more and more.

Analysts noticed that in mid-July the price of the plant declined by 24-34%. And if at the beginning of the month on the shelves was the price of 12 UAH. / Kg, so to its end, it approached 5-7 UAH / kg.

Ukrainian wholesalers noted too low interest of the consumers in this type of product. Therefore, companies engaged in wholesale and retail trade are reluctantly buying a large amount of white cabbage; such moments are explained by a drop in demand from the end consumer. In addition, the cost is affected by the growth of offers in the markets. As in Ukrainian farms began to collect cabbage medium-ripening varieties.

In addition, statisticians have calculated that at the moment the cost of cabbage exceeds last year's figure five times. And the price on white-headed cabbage takes a record position for the twentieth of this month.

Informational source - hyser.com.ua