Export of Ukrainian dairy products to "Celestial"

molokoOver the past months of this year, our country has exported dairy products to the most populous country in the world by 1000% more than during the same period of 2016.

Such notation was found in the Facebook profile of Andrei Yarmak, an employee of FAO (one of the UN's affiliates).

The main exported product among milk- is the dry whey, the cash equivalent of which amounted to $ 4 million from sales.

Leadership in exports to the "Celestial" was entrusted to New Zealand, which holds the honorable first place. Dairy products of this country occupy a dominant position among importers in China, which amounts to 250 million dollars every month. The second place was reserved for exporters from the USA, although their deliveries at 7 and a half times less than the leader. Ukraine took 21 place in this race, supplying products almost at 45 times less than the United States.

The potential of Chinese market is huge and quite allows Ukrainian dairy products to rise to a higher level of the export market.

Informational source - liga.net