Export of Ukrainian berries to the Middle East

yagodiAccording to the general director of "UkrAgroConsult" Sergey Feofilov, the supplies of Ukrainian berries received "a new breath" in the Middle East.

A large number of berries export accounted for the Arab Emirates. According to the expert, third part of the berry harvest is to be exported. Of course, most of it is exported to the EU. The indignation of the producers causes the Global Gap certificate (for export of fresh berries), which has a high cost.

In recent years, there has been a noticeably positive dynamics in the rise of berries production. For example, during this season, the figure was 130,000 tons. Next year, according to prediction, the figures will grow to 135,000 tons. Accordingly, export sizes are also growing. In accordance with statistics, last year were sold almost 45,000 tons of berries, and three years ago this figure did not exceed 15,000 tons.

In general, for export are applicable frozen products , such as: blueberries, raspberries, cranberries and blackberries. About 25,000 hectares are involved in the production of berries in Ukraine,10,000 of them are small farms and households.

The potential for increasing of this part of exports is very extensive. This is confirmed by the annual rise in production and exports.

Informational source - liga.net