Increased meat exports in Ukraine

export meatIn the first 5 months of this year, the flow of exported meat and meat products in Ukraine were increased by half - to 154 thousand tons. 

The import component rose to 71,000 tons.  The source of this information is the electronic resource of the Economic Discussion Club.

Poultry meat among other exported volumes was 4/5 -124 thousand tons, which is almost a half times more than last year.  Domestic chicken meat has increased demand not only in the Arab countries, but also in the Netherlands, Azerbaijan.

The beef and pork are not deprived of interest, the figures of exported meat, which exceeded the data for 2016, more than in twice times  in January-May this year.  Ukrainian meat products appeared on the markets of  Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova.

The import market of  meat products is mostly represented by pork and poultry.  Although the share of poultry imports in the first five months of 2017 has increased by one and a half times, pork can not provide the same comforting indicators, but rather the opposite (a decrease of 15%). Our partner importers are mainly Poland and Germany.

When calculating the balance, for January-May of this year and for the same period of the past year , the amount of meat and meat products in the domestic market decreased significantly ( almost 5%). "In a minus are gone" all kinds of meat, without exceptions.

The market responded to the demand of the population, where the average consumption of meat decreased on1 kg, (compared to last year) and for January-May 2017 per person accounted for 20.5 kg.

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