"Invaluable product" - sales fall, prices rise

815059c911c829ec952b1a6c7f9f1cd6Native producers of cheese try to keep their prices for the above-mentioned product to the maximum, and the drop in sales does not influence on their decision in any way.

Manufacturing and production of cheese products in our country is intensively increasing. In May 2017, cheese production increased almost on 3% (this is approximately 8-8.5 thousand tons). What we cannot say about the Cheese product as a whole .Belarus imposed restrictions on Ukrainian products therefore production in our country decreased on  25%.

For the Ukrainian consumer, this decrease is palpable. The price of a cheese product is more acceptable for most Ukrainians.

According to experts, the production of cheese product  in June 2017 will continue to decrease.

Informational source - proagro.com.ua