Export of Ukrainian chicken meat to Middle East countries

menju dlja dolgoj zhizni 3Chicken producers may notice interest in their core products in the Egyptian, Iraqi and Georgian markets, and also predict export options for these countries.

This information was provided by the director of the poultry farm "Prosyanoye".

Irina Zolotar also noted that the cooperation between the Ukrainian and Georgian sides continues  actively develop and gain momentum.

At the moment, we have a dialogue about sending  the first batch of trial products to Georgia.

Also, according  to Irina words , now the active interest of the Chinese consumer to chicken legs, which allows exporters to earn on their realization to China. Analyzing the entire demand of Ukrainian chicken, it can be argued that due to the good quality of our products, we can actively develop exports to countries not only of the Near, but also of the Far East.

Informational source - ukragroconsult.com