Pork «Worth its weight in gold»

svininaBy the end of last week the price on pork in the middle was 40.4 UAH/kg.

The auction, which took place 19.05.2017 made adjustments in domestic foreign exchange rates, therefore, the monitoring of planned prices in may gives the understanding that the average price for swine of  I category will order higher on  2% and average price for 1 kg will be 42 UAH.

Although processors of meat products unanimously claim that this price affects on the sales of these products, as the limited supply of pork in live weight and increased competition between purchasers will push to increase prices. It is important to note, that some swine farms do not increase the price of the purchase. Such efforts are aimed at countering the "overheating of the market" to curb the decline in consumer demand on pork, at least on the local level, not taking into consideration a larger scale.

Informational source - proagro.com.ua