Ukrainians –vegetarians… ?

sankcii 37051035571854517 expensiveIn any case, statistics show that every year the demand on meat is reduced.

In 2014, one person consumed more than 60 kg of meat products, and in 2016, the consumption level has diminished significantly to 52 kg.

A natural reason of this trend is the increase in prices for this product. The rise in price of  beef caused by reduction of cattle.

Small farms are uneconomic to provide livestock because of the abolition of preferential taxation. The promised subsidies are not paid in a timely manner, and the initial cost of production is increasing. Besides of, the number of swine cuts by the ASF (mainly in households) and therefore the price of meat such as: pork and beef will remain high.

During the Easter holidays we had  possibility to observe a peak of consumption of this products. And pork in  particular. This time pork bone-free muscle cost in Ukraine about 90-100 UAH. Comparing the prices then and now, the expert of agrarian markets Denis Marchuk  notice that prices remained unchanged regardless it`s holidays or weekdays.

To save money, the Ukrainians choose chicken, which is almost half the price.

Consistently high cost is on dairy products. Although purchase prices for raw materials for two months decreased, but in retail dairy products has risen by an average on 4 hryvnia.

Quoting experts, in 05.2017, milk production will increase significantly, so the prices should be reduced on 2 - 3 hryvnia. But the cost of meat production in the future will remain stable and high, but as there is a big possibility ,that will be another increase in prices. It`s expected event…

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