From the world of vegetables and fruits: Export of domestic potatoes

As known, Ukrainian black soil is amount 27.8 million hectares, representing almost 9% of the world's supply of topsoil. Therefore, it is not surprising that Ukraine is in the list of the largest potato producers in the world, occupying the fourth place.

potatoes2A rating of five countries where potatoes are grown:

  • China - 95 mln.t.;
  • India - 45 mln.t;
  • Russia - 30 mln.t;
  • Ukraine - 22 mln.t;
  • USA - 20 mln.t..

The territory in Ukraine, which is annually planted with potatoes – it's 1.3-1.4 million ha.

According to statistic of State fiscal service of Ukraine, since January- March 2017. We exported 441 t. of potatoes on 86 thousands dollars(USA). For comparison ,since February till March 2017 the volume of export increased in 7 times.

The main buyers of Ukrainian «earthen fruit» of the current year :

  • Moldova;
  • Belarus;
  • Turkmenistan;

 Strangely enough, but being the largest producer of potatoes in Europe and in the world generally, potato production in Ukraine is not a profitable business and does not give the expected financial exhaust. The President of the Association of potato producers Nicholas Hordichuk during a Dutch-Ukrainian forum of potato called the main cause of this problem, namely the almost complete lack of processing potatoes in the country. With the total production is processed only 3-4%, it is too little. For example, Europe recycles more than 90%, and the rest sells fresh. We have the opposite situation.

Experts in one voice say that Ukraine needs good potato processing plant project. Without doubts it is give impetus to the expansion of exports and increasing of profitability in the sector. In a time when we are the biggest country for the cultivation of this vegetable, but we almost import chips from Poland. Unfortunately, the prospect of entering to the European market with this product is weak, but we will hope for the best.

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