The five largest pork producers in Ukraine

Annual review of pork producers showed that the five leaders of this sector has not changed in 2017 too.

виробники свининиOn the top of the ranking traditionally located CHAO "APK-invest". The company increased breeding stock*on 12% ,and at the beginning of 2017, the herd was nearly 25000 livestock.

Second place goes OAD "Agroprodservis" breeding stock in 14220 livestock.

The top three closes LLC "Danosha", which is only on ~200 of livestock concede "Agroprodservis" and it`s amount 14000.

The fourth step is "NPP globinsky swinecomplex" breeding herd of 12500 individuals.

Closes the ranking of the TOP 5 pork producers JV "Niva Pereyaslavschiny", which every year increases the breeding stock. On January 1, 2017 JV LLC "Nyva Pereyaslavschiny" accumulated 12400 livestock.

The same distribution of places remains, in terms of the total number of swine.

Experts say that, despite of the difficulties of the agricultural sector in Ukraine as a general, the main players managed to increase their potential. The combination of breeding stock of all five leaders in this period is about 78,000 livestock, that is on 6% more than the previous year.

The following five pork producers in January 2017, have divided places as follows:

  1. CJSC "Bakhmut agrarian Union" - 6,98 thousand individuals of M. p.;
  2. LLC "Galicia-West" - 5.7 thousand individuals of M. p.;
  3. LLC"Bark" - 5,13 thousand individuals of M. p.;
  4. LLC Rentier 4.2 thousand individuals of M. p.;
  5. LLC "zolotoniskiy Bekon" - 4,09 thousand individuals of M. p.

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*Breeding herd — a group of mares (mares, cows, sheep, pigs), the dominant tribal offspring. Pedigree breeding herd consists of planned breeds with high productivity.