Ukraine and Saudi Arabia: export of poultry in the new form of Certification


April 2017 has marked as an important event in the direction of expanding of Ukrainian poultry market.

украина сауд.аравияThe state foods and consumer service of Ukraine together with the organization of food and drug administration in Saudi Arabia has made and signed the documents ensuring the expansion of Ukrainian exports of poultry and poultry products to Saudi Arabia. It Was Approved a new format of the veterinary certificate. Also, the Chairman of State foods and consumer service Lapa Vladimir ensured that the Ukrainian side will strictly abide the new Protocol of veterinary requirements for export, signed by the countries.

At the moment, the permission for export of poultry to the Saudi Arabia Kingdom have only four producers. Ukraine is interested in increasing of the  enterprises number that will be able to send poultry and poultry products, and does not exclude the possibility of inspection of productive capacity to the representatives from Saudi Arabia.

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