Swine - traveler : export of live weight

Time period since January –till March 2017 became very active for Ukrainian exporters of live pigs.

живокAccording to the state fiscal service of Ukraine, we sent abroad live weight of pigs slaughter standards in the amount of 1.88 tons. In monetary terms, the volume of exports amounted to 3.61 million U.S. dollars.

The first three countries-importers of Ukrainian live weight were: Georgia, Kazakhstan and Hong Kong. Among these countries, Georgia has selected the product by 2.83 million U.S. dollars, Kazakhstan 0.43 million US dollars, and Hong Kong at 0.2 million USD.

The above data significantly exceeds value of 2016 during the same period. However, according to analytical data, expert FAOв in 2017 it is expected a record low production of pork and beef.

Informational source -  latifundist.com