The first steps of the Ukrainian beef exports to China

 Today, intensively raised the issue of exports of Ukrainian beef on Chinese markets.

beef ChinaAccording to the press service of the state foods and consumer , in April 2017 have planned special mission responsible authorities of China to Ukraine. The purpose of the mission to inspect the Ukrainian system of safety production of beef. First and foremost, the audit will be conducted according to the work of service of the state foods and consumer, territorial authorities, laboratories and other structures.

With a successful first phase, the second phase provides for inspection of meat processing plants of beef, and their subsequent certification. To be able to get certified, a Ukrainian producer must meet all of the requirements of the importer, China.

 Access to the Chinese market is an important strategic step in expanding the geography of sales of Ukrainian product. Also, it will give impetus to the business of beef to improve their production and achieve a higher technological level.

Another win-win evidence of the opening of beef exports to China is an annual increase of consumption of beef by Chinese buyers. Every year, the Chinese appetite is increased and projections for 2020, the demand of beef will converge in the figure of 9 million tons. Because the own production of this type of meat is reduced because of drought in regions where it is grown VRH, compensate deficit through imports. In 2016, the demand exceeded supply by 1.2 million tons, and experts say that this figure will not decrease.

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