Increasing the production of poultry: first figures for 2017

From the beginning of 2017, our country continues to increase poultry production. This positive trend continues in 2015, as evidenced by information of the State statistics of Ukraine.

For example, the rate of annual production of poultry meat in the past year, 12% more than in 2015 years, and its compose 991 thousand tons of the product. But fresh statistics show that already in the first months of this year, domestic production showed a 17.5% more effective analogy in 2016. Volumes of poultry meat production in Ukraine increased by 184,7 thousand tons.

The main driver of the increasing of production is the export of Ukrainian poultry that already in January and February grew by 45%.

In addition, based on information provided by monitoring markets of the trading networks of the countries of Europe and Ukraine,in the context of chicken meat, fillet Ukrainian is much cheaper . For example, a fillet will be on average 2.4 € /kg, the thigh part – 2 Euro/kg, Shin – 1.6 Euro/kg carcass broiler and 1.4 Euro/kg. According to experts, before the Easter holidays in poultry prices in retail chains should remain in the same place.

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