Ukraine has reduced the number of pigs and cows

At the beginning of March this year recorded a decrease of cattle, which is 3.95 million head, the rate of one hundredth less, than a similar indicator for the previous year.


According to the testimony of the State statistics service of Ukraine reduced the number of head of cattle.

According to the statistics on the first of the third month this year the number of cattle in the state exceeds a 3.95 million head, 1.1% lower from the previous year. In addition, the performance among cows gained more separation - of 2.12 million head, which is 2.7% less in comparison with 12 months ago.

Pigs counts fell 6.6 million heads, which is 7.5 % less than the same month last year. For goats and sheep, a decreasing trend is less marked, at rates of 1.43 million head, total livestock decreased by 0.2%.

Against this background, the expected continuing growth in the number of birds 194,73 million, which is 2.4% more than in March 2016.

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