European Union imposed an embargo against export Ukrainian poultry to own territory

The beginning of December has been distinguished with a range of embargoes for export and import of poultry products.

Particularly, European Union imposed an embargo against export Ukrainian poultry to own territory. The cause of this decision was an ictus of highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5) in Kherson region. Despite on that fact that Ukrainian representatives have sent to the commission all necessary information about the struggle and localization of the infective episode, the embargo still works from the whole territory of Ukraine and not only from Kherson region. The decision is applied to poultry meat and poultry meat products. In addition, we have to say, that Hong Kong has imposed an embargo against table eggs to own territory only from Kherson region, and didn’t spread out it to the whole territory of our country.

 There is also a thought that an embargo against export of poultry to Europe has become as a reaction from European Commission to the imposed embargo against import of raw poultry products with EU. For a short period of time the ictuses of highly pathogenic avian influenza has become a reason of cancellation the embargo of poultry from Germany, Netherlands, some regions of France, Poland and other countries. According to the information given by State Statistical Service, to Europe has been exported almost 2,5 thousands of tones of poultry in the total amount of 36,5 million of dollars USA, -  mass media reports.

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