Financial support for poultry industry

Today, there are practically no state program in Ukraine, which would contribute to the modernization of production capacities, not only in poultry industry but also in the entire agricultural sector. The State Budget for 2016 is allocated only 300 million USD in financial support measures in the agricultural sector through cheaper loans.

The program of partial compensation of the cost of construction and reconstruction of livestock farms and complexes is not funded at all in 2015. In addition, since January 1, 2016 has radically changed the system of taxation in the agricultural sector. A differentiated action system with Special taxation treatment of VAT has been introduced to agricultural Producers, and will be canceled in 2017.

It has long been overdue to the establishment in Ukraine of export support agencies - export credit agency that would take out insurance (reinsurance) risks and guarantee operations for foreign trade transactions of exporters, as well as cheapening of export credit loans, that could indirectly stimulate the development and modernization not only the agricultural sector, but also the economy as a whole. Therefore, government programs that stimulate and assist the manufacturers to bring the production capacity in accordance with the EU requirements are exist, but they only need to give real and sufficient funding.

In addition, it is necessary to continue the initiated reforms to establish an effective security system, and the quality of food products in accordance with EU standards. The system must be recognized by the European side completely. There must be a mutual responsibility both on the part of exporters and the state. Any negativity will be very costly for all participants in this process.

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