Visit the manufacturing plant GRETA PLUS Anna Greta (Poland)

In March 2016 a delegation from group of companies Vortex-Plus have visited the manufacturing plant of our exclusive partner in Poland.

Plant GRETA PLUS Anna Greta produces chicken mechanically deboned meat with the same name of brand. The producer uses new equipment, purchase quality materials under the control of European standards.

Using chicken carcasses of different categories, the factory offers products with different fat content that allows to accede to requests of sausages goods manufacturers. As the production works completely automatically, factory eliminates the problem of short weight, the problem of packaging damage or other claims which may happen as a result of the human factor.

As well we want to note the fastest way to freeze the produced raw meat in specialized stores. In this way chicken MDM does not dry out, does not absorb surrounding odors and has a much smaller weight loss. This helps to save the quality of good and continues its shelf life.

Our partners got us around the factory to show how to make, pack, freeze and load chicken MDM.