Spain is a leading pork producer in 2015

Spain became the only European country which got the third place among the top three world leading pork producers in 2015. More manufacturing capability showed us in last year only China and United States of America.

As we learn in 2014 top pork producer in Europe was Germany. But in 2015 the German pig stock decreased by 2.8% and totaled 27.5 million pigs. In Spain, pig stock increased by 6.8% and totaled 28.4 million numbers. Experts commented that increasing is not stopping in a period of cheap meat prices. The reduction in price does not cover even the cost of farmers for growing animals.

The solution of situation has been looking for in foreign markets, especially experts said about opening of the Russian market. According to the 2015 export took 71% of the total amount of pork. In total, last year Spain exported more than 4 bln. euro.

According to the Institute of International Trade of Spain, in the first three months of 2016, Spain sent pork to foreign markets in total sum 1,262,000 euros, and it is 2% more than in the same last year period. Talking about the volumes, there is primarily need in fresh and frozen pork. In early 2016, the export of popular Spanish delicacy - smoked ham - fell by 9%.

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