Chicken resort at Wiesenhof factory, Germany

Delivering products to Ukraine, we have to be sure of its quality, as are fully responsible for the delivered product. It's not a secret that Producers use a variety of hormones and anabolic steroids in the chicken industry, because of which the birds are not only growing rapidly - they simply inflate. And no one cares how these drugs affect the human body.

Such researches are not conducted in right form in our country. Using of such drugs which are getting into the human body and make a negative influence on the organism is strictly limited abroad.

There is a strict quality control system and passed the periodic inspection of the factory. One of the main suppliers of minced chicken is a Wiesenhof Company.

Company Wiesenhof contains bird breeds in the private courtyard. This concept guarantees a well-grown animals and the quality of their meat. Animals have a yard and space to move. In addition to high-quality bait, freedom of movement, Wiesenhof farm is equipped with:

  • perches;
  • drinkers and feeders;
  • thermometers for temperature control;
  • humidity sensors;
  • lighting fixtures.

Wiesenhof is a strong brand that is trusted by all consumers in Germany.

First of all, Wiesenhof is a community of about 1,000 farmers who take care of their animals and the environment in their regional farms with a great sense of responsibility, so that all customers can rely on a safe and delicious piece of meat, poultry, born and raised in Germany.