Imports of poultry meat in January 2016

January 2016 was the record for the import of poultry meat and offal from Poland, Germany and other European countries.

It is reported (according to the information Ukrainian Agribusiness Club - UCAB), in January 2016 Ukraine has purchased in Europe, about 9 thousand tons of meat, in terms of kilograms of 9 million kg... In comparison with January 2015 the number of imported meat products increased by 64%. Most of the imported volume took meat and poultry meat products - 8700 tons, 300 tons and only made other kinds of meat, namely pork. In 2015, the average monthly amount for the importation of meat and offal of poultry amounted to slightly more than 5 thousand. Tonnes.

The first place among poultry suppliers took Poland, on the second - Germany. Also purchases were carried out in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Also, UCAB forecasts for the next months, the increase in imports of pork and beef.

It is believed that the main reason for this sharp increase in purchases of poultry meat and other products was the introduction of zero duty rates for a limited amount of products. We hope that the stock of imported meat will not disappoint Ukrainian producer of ready meat products.

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