New year and new opportunities. Part II

The more everything has become difficult with Russia in charge of foreign economic activity, the more everything has simplified with the European Union.

On 1 January 2016 the Agreement on the EU-Ukraine Association came into effect. The Free Trade Area with the EU, Ukraine has brought in the new year zero duty rates for industrial and agricultural goods, products processing and food industries. In addition, a number of commodities has occurred cross cancellation fees: textiles, confectionaries, chemical products, fruits, dried fruits, certain types of grains, seeds, spices and more.

A free trade zone enables Ukraine to get to its market wider range of quality products and high level of competition with European manufacturers must push the Ukrainian producer to upgrade equipment and technology to a higher level.

Questions of trade, tariffs and duties are described in the fourth section of the Agreement. The full text can be found at the link.

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