Reduction of meat category import in 2015

As stated in the information statement of "Ukrainian club of agrarian business" in 2015 (excluding December 2015) Ukraine imported 59 thousand tons of meat of different origin.

But performance is not impressive if you take into account the preceding period. In January-November 2014 the importers brought 26.6 thousand tons more of this market segment.

The indicators for the pork fell most of all. It was imported to the territory of Ukraine 8 times less. The total amount for the period amounted to 3.5 thousand tons. The record of the import of meat takes poultry and its by-products. This year we imported 54.6 thousand tons of chicken. There were imported nearly 1000 tons of beef.

Import purchases falling declined as expected due to lower demand in the market. But most likely the heart of the matter is at the site of the instability of the currency market.

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