Bird flu found in the southwest of France

For the first time in 8 years, bird flu was detected in the southwest of France. It was declared by the relevant French authority.

Last week, the outbreak of bird flu was detected in the south-west of the country in the private sector, which produces a small amount chicken for the domestic market. It is reported that the chickens were infected by wild birds.

The Ministry of Agriculture has stated that it is a type of avian influenza H5N1, which is deadly to poultry. But not confirmed that it is detrimental to humans.

After the stated information, the first to respond to the problem was South Korea, which immediately banned the import of poultry products, live animals and their eggs from France into its territory. While from January to October, South Korea imported from France, duck meat, foie gras, live chickens and ducklings.

No cases of outbreaks of bird flu in any other region of France is not found.

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